Monday, December 8

Astro Lager Beer

Location: Kodihalli Main Road, Behind The Leela Palace, Bangalore.

Thursday, November 20

Varginally Yours!

Location: The food and beverages stall outside Brand factory, Marathahalli, Bangalore.

PS. Yes, there's the iceburg as well.

Tuesday, November 18

Anyone For Some Plan Tea?

Location: Near Showoff, Brigade Road, Bangalore

Friday, November 14

Shoo! Go Away, You Shoes!

Punk, this one's for you! Shoo away to glory!

Location: Old Madras Road, Bangalore.

Monday, October 6

(Reader Contribution) Kill Bill XVII - I Also Shoot Brides

Contributed by VatsaL. Thank you all for being such wonderful followers of this blog :) When you send us pictures, could you also mention the location at which you took the photograph.

What Roles Does the Chicken Play?

Location: Next to Ramdev Sagar, Kodihalli, Bangalore

Tuesday, September 16

Bath and Briyani

Location: A Darshini on CMH Road, Bangalore.

Tuesday, September 2

Dies and Punches

Location: New Tippasandra, Bangalore

Tuesday, August 12

Punch Her, Again!

But how many times you will punch her?

Location: Off Cunningham Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore.

More punches for her.

Monday, July 21

Legit Vegit?

Location: Kalpetta, Wayanad District, Kerala.

Monday, July 14

Flaying The Butterfly

Object: Matchbox
Location: Sai Sagar, Kodihalli, Airport Road, Bangalore

Thursday, July 10

Accurate Demolishers

Would it be appropriate then to say that I was spot-on?

Monday, June 23

Starring Wheels And Extra Horns

I felt like I had hit a jackpot! I truly did! Each line has a gem!

Location: Koramangala, Bangalore.

Monday, June 16

Hail Gaylord


Location: New Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

PS. Funny isn't it? How the three names of the same city appear above!

PPS. If you haven't visited Varanasi yet, that's the second next thing you ought to be doing. After, of course, finishing your breakfast, lunch or dinner or whatever you might be having for food next.

Monday, June 9

There WAS No Park!

Location: Near Gaurda Mall, Bangalore.

Wednesday, May 21

Looking Is Free, Touching Will Cost You!

Location: Manipal Hospital Canteen, Bangalore.

Funnily enough, this is written on a weighing machine. The kind that weighs humans. Any idea why would someone put something like this on some such machine? That's too many somes. Some of all fears?

Tuesday, May 13

Please Don't Take Washing, Please!

Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Wednesday, May 7

Let's Go To The Cenima

Location: Kodihalli, Airport Road, Bangalore.

Monday, April 28

Can You Accomitate This?

Location: Airport Road, Bangalore.

Wednesday, April 23

Spicy Post - Some Chilees And Turmeric

Location: Appareddypalya, Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Tuesday, April 15

Some More Chainese Food

Location: 50 meters from arrival terminal, HAL Airport, Bangalore.

Monday, April 7

How Many Can You Count?

Location: Howrah Railway Station, West Bengal, India.

Monday, March 24

On The Top Of The World

Yaay! We're on Alltop.

You favourite blog*, yes, this very blog, is now featured under the Humour section at Alltop. Once you get to the Humour section at Alltop, scroll down a bit, and you will see this blog to your right. It's an honour to find a place among top humour sites in the world. A big thank you to our readers. We will work hard, really hard(click photos and click more photos that is) to repose the trust you have placed in us!

What makes it even more special is that Guy himself wrote to us informing of the inclusion at Alltop. Thanks Guy and guys at Alltop.

Here's to this special moment for eye5. Say Cheese!

* This is still not your favourite blog? Make it your favourite now! Subscribe to the feeds

PS. What's Alltop? Here's Guy announcing the formal launch of Alltop.

Monday, March 17

Earning Sizzling Browni Points

If it'd say sizzling Bruni, we'd definitely agree. Only the Browni will sizzle for now.

Sunday, March 9

Char Punchar

Location: Airport Road, Bangalore.

Sunday, March 2

Sunday, February 24


its no photoshop-effect
after seeing us taking a picture of d signboard.. it is believed.. d shop owner realized d mistake nd made a correction!!!
yo eye5!!!

Thursday, February 21

Sex OR Tax???

did they mean TAX.. naah.. mayb SEX!!! who cares.. its free!!!

(PS: contributed by RAVINDRA. thnx Ravi!!!)

Wednesday, February 20

Mathematics of happy Life!!!

aur AD ke liye humein phone karein!!!

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Tuesday, February 19

VOLUME kam karo yaar!!!

SBI ATM, Surat

Monday, February 18

To & For Wheeler

Location: Surat, Gujarat

watch out for eye5-IMPACT..
coming soon

No Brakes

Thursday, February 14

Let It Pass?

PS. The Old Lady Of Boribunder will definitely be happy at this one, that her name is not taken in the same breath as that place.

Monday, February 4

Punch Her Or Puncture?

Location: Opposite Hotel Ramdev Sagar, Kodihalli, Airport Road, Bangalore.

PS: Our earlier puncture post.

Monday, January 28

Dial D For Dialy Wear( And Other Clothing)

Location: CMH Road, Bangalore.

Monday, January 21

Blouses Blow Over

Pico Falls? What else falls?

Thursday, January 10

The Sandwitch Of Earl

No, it's the Veg Sandwitch stupid. Must be a nice witch then, being vegetarian and all.

Location: Chowpatty at BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore. Chowpatty? Not half as good as the one even in Surat! Forget about the one in Mumbai.

Wednesday, January 2

The Cousin Of Cuisine

Location: Kodihalli. Off Airport Road, Bangalore