Thursday, August 30

Driving Tactical Spellings

I could only get these from the photo. Have I missed out anything?

  • Tractor - Tactor
  • Diesel - Desel
  • Repair - Repairy
  • And I have no clue what Wallkaing means! Enlighten, please!

Monday, August 27

Wednesday, August 22

Digest This - II

Taken at Bijapur during the North Karnataka Trip. Details here - Part I and Part II.

Monday, August 20

Whisper The Right Word

Taken at Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur. More on that trip here.

Wednesday, August 15

Digest This

PS. Taken on a recent trip to North Karnataka. More such Digest This posts coming.

Sunday, August 5

False Sales?

Wednesday, August 1

Eat This To Be A Cool Son-in-law.

Thanks Rahul for the mention.

PS. A little more on Jamaai ice-cream. Turns out it's a well-known ice-cream brand in Chennai from the Saravana Stores stable. The Jamaai website is an absolute wonder. You should be checking that website out than reading this stupid blog. Here's a gem from the website -

Jamaai is available from exclusive dealers, but not necessarily exclusive ice-cream parlours. It is widely present in all types of retail stores, including telephone booths. Jamaai having near about 1,000 outlets in Chennai alone and in about 3,000 outlets throughout Tamil Nadu.

Must be tasting absolutely wonderful, this Jamaai ice-cream. Apparently that is what Jamaai means in Tamizh, something between wonderful and awesome. Help us to know the correct meaning.