Monday, June 23

Starring Wheels And Extra Horns

I felt like I had hit a jackpot! I truly did! Each line has a gem!

Location: Koramangala, Bangalore.


chhavi said...

ROFL. this is awesome! :) I frequently get stuff like this on my blog (chhavi noticed this!) but all hail to you, here, for this one!!

Nikhil said...


Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it :)

If you noticed this, can you please bookmark it?

Silver Mist said...

This one brings back Bangalore memories!
Awesome blog! Had me in splits for a long time!! :D :D :D

- Ishani
Am mortally afraid of making a spelling mistake here! :P

Nikhil said...


Yeah, a good evening that was! Seemed as if God was pleased with me for no apparent reason and was showering bad(good for me!) sign-boards that evening.

Thanks for liking the blog. Can you please link to it from yours? This poor blog is in need of some well-deserved attention.:)

PS. There's no need to be afraid, mortally or immortally. It's perfetcly fnie to mkae spleling mitsakes in teh cmoments. I prmoise I won't ptu ayn of tihs on the blog!