Monday, March 24

On The Top Of The World

Yaay! We're on Alltop.

You favourite blog*, yes, this very blog, is now featured under the Humour section at Alltop. Once you get to the Humour section at Alltop, scroll down a bit, and you will see this blog to your right. It's an honour to find a place among top humour sites in the world. A big thank you to our readers. We will work hard, really hard(click photos and click more photos that is) to repose the trust you have placed in us!

What makes it even more special is that Guy himself wrote to us informing of the inclusion at Alltop. Thanks Guy and guys at Alltop.

Here's to this special moment for eye5. Say Cheese!

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PS. What's Alltop? Here's Guy announcing the formal launch of Alltop.

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