Thursday, December 8

Now This Is Indeed Dipressing!

Location: J P Nagar, Bangalore.
Posting after more than a year, hope to be more regular here on.

Tuesday, November 23

Please Don't Put Hand

Location: Total Mall, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.

Saturday, April 10

Ever Ate A Sand Witch?

Really, how may witches can on eat?

Location: A restaurant in Mysore whose name I can't remember now.

Please Obay The Orders

Location: Pookot Lake, Wayanad, Kerala.

Also, note Karamchaari(meaning staff in Hindi) is spelled as Karamjaari. Very typical of the pronunciation in Kerala where 'cha' is pronounced as 'ja'.

For Lame Drinkers

Location: Durga Restaurant, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.

Friday, July 24

Can You Hear The Solution?

Loud enough, eh?

Location: Airport Road, Bangalore

Monday, April 13

Flesh Trade Happens Here? the Man Market?

Location: Very close to Shashank's house in Noida.

Story: My first reaction was to take a picture and send it to you. Although I don't have the habit of carrying my heavy camera around (and I use a non-camera phone), providence was with me today and I did have it at hand!

Thank you Providence, wherever you may be.

Monday, March 30

Welcome To The Machine

Location: A CNG Station somewhere between Safdarjung Tomb and Central Secretariat Metro Station.

Thursday, March 26

What Do You Want - Love Or Marriage?

Perhaps the person who sent this should answer the question. What say, Mr. Daga?

Monday, March 16

Obama* Lane In Bangalore

Well, Obamma actually!

Location: S.R. Layout, Murugeshpalya, Airport Road, Bangalore.

Nothing much to be read into the Pepsi bottle in the picture!